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Stephen Leeson


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A mixture of Irish folk music and well-known entertainment music. Stephen has been a professional musician for 20 years and is known for his incredible voice! Music directly from Dublin !!!

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Eine Mischung von Irish Folk Musik und bekannter Unterhaltungsmusik. Stephen ist seid 18 Jahre als Berufsmusiker unterwegs und ist für seine unglaubliche Stimme bekannt! Musik direkt aus Dublin !!!

When it comes to Stephen Leeson there is always something exciting happening as he is always on the go with creating new ideas and innovation in every aspect of his musical career. Most recently over the last year or so Stephen has had several radio interviews and appearances at many social events in Ireland, England and Europe. Stephen has a passion for the stories surrounding the traditional songs he sings and is constantly researching the possibilities of where they may have come from especially when a lot of traditional songs have unknown author’s. A now collector of traditional new and old songs. This year Stephen collaborates with more singers and musicians and is set to play a little more in Switzerland, Germany, England and his home country of Ireland.

Solo Künstler (Gitarrist, Gesang und Mundharmonika)

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Einfach genial! Brilliant 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Really nice voice and stage performance! Definitely not my last time with Stephen 👍🏼🤟🏼

Bewertet von Red Jon Bar am 28. Januar 2022

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