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The Shedebies


Funk meets rock, soul meets jazz, spiced up with a dash of blues. The Shedebies mix genres. Sometimes spicy, sometimes creamy, sometimes sweet. The four artists creates an exciting listening and dancing experience with their music.

Keep the Funk alive. «The Shedebies” celebrate it in all their songs. The band knows how to combine different styles and create their own funk experience. They rely on versatility and improvisation. So every concert has its own groove. With their uptempo numbers, they bring every club to the boil and ensure an unforgettable FUNK PARTY.

«The Shedebies» is an absolute must for all fans of funk, jazz and groovy live concerts.

The four talented musicians Patrick Blättler on guitar, Christian Schaffner on keys, Roger Semlitsch on bass and Michael Schaffner on drums have been playing together for over 15 years. Patrick is a fulltime musician and has years of experience as a live musician. He was a guitarist in the band Mothership Caldonia and in various jazz formations. The brothers Michael and Christian founded the funk band «Loufonq» together, with Christian composing most of the band’s songs. Roger was the founder and bandleader of the funk combo Sulco. He joined the band «Loufonq» in 2006. Over the years, the four musicians have made a name for themselves as a well-rehearsed rhythm section.

They have already played as rhythm section in different bands and worked together with well-known artists such as Eric Krasno, Seven, Dave Feusi and many others, toured Europe and played numerous clubs and festivals.

Now they are on the road for the first time with their own project «The Shedebies». The first songs «Schcofi» and «Birthday Bash» were recorded in the band’s own session room and produced in the USA by Alan Evans (Soulive), with whom they have worked together before. Other tracks were recorded and produced in Germany.


  1. 00:00 Gary
  2. 00:00 Be Alright

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