Mahrez Hachemi

Mahrez Hachemi


I am an Algerian singer, singing in different languages. I start playing when I was six years old. I never attended a conservatory; instead, I learned to play by ear.
Nonetheless, I've been playing professionally since 2013, and I've been in a variety of bands in Algeria. I mostly play Spanish rumba, North African, and Cuban music with my first band Gipsy PHEN, and then with El Zyar.
I met other musicians while traveling in Bulgaria, and my wife encouraged me to try the voice of Bulgaria, and do some Bulgarian songs and attempt to combine all these musical genres.

Offering a unique mixture and program of Latin repertory, Arabic music repertory and Mediterranean, French repertory, and Spanish Repertory, and of course north African .
Mahrez Hachemi project, is the perfect combination of beautiful melodies, powerful harmonies and rhythms that provide an unforgettable and festive experience.

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